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Letter from the Director

July 24, 2014

At the University of North Carolina Press, we often speak of the deep tradition here. As the oldest university press in the south, and one of the oldest in the nation, our walls are lined with shelves of books and awards and citations, weaving the rich tapestry of nearly a century of publishing. But to simply rest on these laurels would be an abandonment of one of our key missions—to embrace new technologies which improve the dissemination of our books.

We are not immune to the rapid pace of change affecting every part of the university and the world of scholarly communication. But where some see disruption and threat we see opportunity. It is our imperative to test and utilize new digital tools to improve dissemination and enhance discoverability. This is an era of unparalleled new technology and we are truly excited to have our books included in a program that has been so widely praised as one of the industry leaders.

Our participation in the UPSO platform will deliver our content to new places and in new ways helping us to reach more broadly than ever before. The books will experience a level of utility and exposure far beyond where we have been. This will be a major benefit to our authors and the institutions we serve.

We’re both honored and excited to be partner presses within this august group of publishers and to be hosted by the innovative and creative team at UPSO.

Authored by
John Sherer
Director, University of North Carolina Press