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Explore new books from North Carolina

January 22, 2016

40 new titles have been published on North Carolina Scholarship Online (NCSO), adding to 5 subjects including Classical Studies, Religion, and Sociology. These books cover a diverse range of subjects, from Native American whalers to Cuban musicians in New York and Miami, and from adolescent mothers to the long conflict between China and Vietnam - and much more!

An Agrarian Republic: Farming, Antislavery Politics, and Nature Parks in the Civil War Era

System Kids: Adolescent Mothers and the Politics of Regulation

Rhythms of Race: Cuban Musicians and the Making of Latino New York City and Miami, 1940-1960

Native American Whalemen and the World: Indigenous Encounters and the Contingency of Race

Lincoln's Autocrat: The Life of Edwin Stanton

Deng Xiaoping's Long War: The Military Conflict between China and Vietnam, 1979-1991






This brings the total amount of scholarly works available on NCSO over 450. Start browsing NCSO now, and find out how your institution can sign up to a free trial of University Press Scholarship Online.